Johnny Sexton ‘Saddened & Shocked’ By French Doctor

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Johnny Sexton responds to comments from two French doctors who say he shouldn’t play this Sunday after his head injury last weekend.

“I’m saddened and shocked by the inaccurate reports that were thrown out [in France] yesterday,”

“It’s very frustrating. For me, I just think that it’s totally inappropriate that a doctor I have seen, many years ago now, felt it was appropriate to come out and talk to whoever it was and say those things. It’s inaccurate and highly inappropriate.

“I’m pretty disappointed but I’m used to it. It’s almost like water off a duck’s back to me. For my wife and mum, it’s very upsetting but that’s the world we live in. I don’t really want to talk too much more about it.

“I thought there was patient-doctor confidentiality – I’m pretty sure that exists in the world. I just can’t get over that someone thought it was appropriate to start saying things that weren’t even accurate. That’s the most hurtful thing.

“We’ve been here before. We could sit here talking about it for 20 minutes. I’m never going to win out of it because last time I did it – this happened twice before and I tried to give facts and defend myself and then I’m in the papers for being selfish and not looking after the younger players coming through the system, people accusing me of just looking after myself.

“I can’t win, so I’m not talking about it for the rest of the press conference. You can talk about France or Wales.”

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