🚨Ronan O’Gara & Johnny Sexton involved in a clash that the EPCR are set to investigate today!

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What a cracking final that was yesterday at the Aviva Stadium between both Leinster and La Rochelle. According to The Irish Independent there was an incident that involved Johnny Sexton and Sean O’Brien, as well as La Rochelle’s Ronan O’Gara and Will Skelton.

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“EPCR is aware of reports of an incident at half-time during the Heineken Champions Cup final at the Aviva Stadium and the tournament organiser will be investigating this as soon as practicable.”

Be interesting what comes of this.. Wouldn’t you have loved to have been a fly on the wall during that incident.. Another massive win for ROG, surely a future Irish manager. That has to be the next step for him surely, an international rugby team.

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  1. Jonny sexton needs to keep his gob shut a world class player but he reminds me of a footballer who throws his teddy’s out the pram if things don’t go his way ,

    1. All I can say IMO it must be all munster people who is commenting, leinster is and always be the best at least we (leinster fans) wouldn’t go against any of the counties i e if munster was playing against la rochelle we would support munster unlike munster fans, we will be back.

        1. LOL . Leinster left it behind them. Ye are on the way out the same as Johnny is. Leinster rugby is only for the privileged.

      1. That is cow splatter if I ever hear anything!! Was in a pub yesterday and majority of munstercsupporters were shouting for leinster I myself a munster supporter shouted dor la rochelle and Roger and our home boy Ultan Dillane! The other reason for it was after experiencing the display of arsholey leinster supportes last week in aviva with only behaviour ud se by English soccer supporters!! Sore lovers for sure !!!

      2. You are very wrong about Munster supporters. We were all routing for the Irish team yesterday. Putting aside being booed and spat at in the RDS in previous encounters. There are a few bad eggs everywhere but we are Irish rugby supporters to the core. (Us genuine rugby supporters that is!)

        1. I’m a munster supporter, I’ve played and coached the game and I would never support a leinster team , look at the way they acted after the game going directly to referee changing room and total disrespect for a visiting team before and during the game. (Genuine rugby supporters) wat are you on about. Speak for yourself not all of Munster

      3. Mary states she wouldn’t go against any other province and then finishes her statement insulting Munster 🙄

      4. Back in 2008 when Munster beat Leinster in the semi final Munster supporters club contacted the Leinster supporters club about tickets for the final. They refused to sell even some of their allocation. Instead eBay was flooded with adverts for tickets at hugely inflated prices mostly from Leinster supporters. So your comment is not true.

      5. Munster does support Leinster when ye are playing unrelated teams (eg English clubs) but not when ye are playing against Munsters own Rog & Schin

      6. Cop on ,of course Munster fans would have liked Leinster to win. After all I would be great for Ireland rugby . They came up short on the day.

      7. Leinster are unpopular mainly due to their sheer arrogance highlighted by Sexton. Great player but poor human

      8. Munster is a province not a county, its time to take your ,only the pale Leinster glasses off. Will we see you in SA next week?

  2. Leinster are sore losers .They are so used to winning they think it’s their right.


  4. D 4 can’t take it.
    There is a God there with the way the IRFU
    Treated Rog when they dropped him for the last match against Scotland.
    Well done Rog up Cork and Munster.

  5. And Leinster claim Jonny is best Irish rugby man ever ……. Will they ever give ROG the recognition he deserves… maybe not?

    They also oveelook the fact that Jonny’s roots are set in a famous Munster / Lions rugby family …. what would Leinster fans make of Jonny if his parents remained in Munster ??

  6. And we wonder why Sexton was referred to as “My little rat”by@teamate all those years ago

  7. If you are Irish and supporting a team outside of Ireland then it tells me more about the person than anything else. There loyalty there patriotism they are not real rugby supporters.

  8. Sexton needs to be reminded that he is not bigger than the game, behaving like an arrogant child

  9. I should have thought it would have been a pleasure to share the field with someone the IS bigger than the game. Idiot with a large C.

  10. I’m a munster supporter, I’ve played and coached the game and I would never support a leinster team , look at the way they acted after the game going directly to referee changing room and total disrespect for a visiting team before and during the game. (Genuine rugby supporters) wat are you on about. Speak for yourself not all of Munster

  11. As a Munster supporter I would always shout for any of the province’s, but it’s a pity that the Leinster supporters are the way they are, takes the gloss off the fantastic players they have. World class, so come on and respect rugby ethicate and stop by constant booing and leave the ref do his job. The match against Munster at the Aviva was a disgrace.

  12. Delighted for Ronan and I will be honest and say what most Munster, Connacht and Ulster fans wont say “I am delighted that La Rochell won “. It isnt hard to hate those D4 arrogant girs.

    1. But you’ll support those Leinster players in an Irish jersey! What a sad bigoted piece of crap you are. Go back to soccer.

  13. ROG a future Ireland manager. Absolutly NOT. He is a one trick pony. Give the ball to the big guy and he’ll knock over some Leinster players. Then give the ball to the next big guy and he’ll knock over some more Leinster players. Rince and repeat. That is the only game ROG can put together. The only International teams ROG might coach are England or SA. Because that is the only style they play too. Boring and dull.

  14. They won by one point they should have gone for the drop goal, unfortunately they didn’t have a leader on in the second half

  15. Sexton is a poor sportsman who has no respect or loyalty other than to himself. Left his team mates down by keeping himself for glory in the World Cup. Probably will not last one game so Ireland will need at least 2 out halves subs. Sexton is not a nice person!

    Leinster have been figured out and Ireland/Leinster will not do well in World Cup because of too much reliance on Leinster players supported by Dublin press, e.g. Ross Byrne hyped up but so limited.

    No respect from me for Sexton.

    John from Connaught and Munster but supporter of Ireland rugby

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