John O’Shea Remembers the Session he had at the Champions League final in 1999

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John O’Shea was speaking on the David May podcast and he recalls the time he was brought to the Champions League final in 1999 as a Youth with Manchester United. Quoted by

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“I was telling this story the other night, actually, at my young lad’s training. We travelled, obviously, the club incredibly brought everyone over to the Nou Camp for the final. We had a day down by the harbour, the youth team all in our suits and blazers and stuff.

They said, ‘the bus will come back and pick you up at six o’clock.’ Next thing, a message comes through saying, ‘there’s no bus, you’ve gotta get yourselves to the stadium.’

We all had our tickets and stuff, but next thing we’re all on the tram – the underground in Barcelona – in our blazers, United fans everywhere, an incredible experience. But we get in there, we get our seats, next thing there’s hundreds of fans in and around us, like, ‘what’s going on here?’

Obviously, they’d managed to find a gate or two that was open and got their way in! Security back then maybe wasn’t as good…but it was incredible.

I was at the legal age then, a few drinks had been taken onboard that afternoon…and then the evening!”

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