🚨John Mullane has serious concerns about Limerick and their unfair advantage and their ’53 backroom staff’ ..

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The former Waterford and De la Salle hurler John Mullane was talking on the The Throw-In Podcast with former Kilkenny legend Eddie Brennan.

The Waterford man shared his concern at Limerick having such a large backroom staff ..

‘Jeez I hope other counties don’t start getting it into their heads now that they have to have the same,” 

“If Waterford go down that road our poor Waterford underage developments won’t have a pot to piss in you know what I mean?

“Let’s be honest about it. It’ll cost a bomb and a fortune.

“We all know the man that is backing Limerick and he is a fantastic man and he is very, very generous to Limerick.

“But other county teams don’t have the luxury of being able to have the fall back of that.

“That’d be my only worry y’know? Other county teams are going to be looking on and saying ‘we are going to try and match them’ or try to get up to their level (when they cannot afford to).”

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  1. Kilkenny GAA had a pic up on its facebook after the Leinster final. Have a look at that.
    I’d say it’s similar

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