🚨John Kiely hit with a mixed response when quizzed on playing Kyle Hayes .. 😬

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The Limerick senior hurling manager John Kiely was quizzed over starting Kyles Hayes last against Dublin in their league match at Croke Park. The secondary school teacher gave an interesting response, see the interview below with the comments underneath ..

Is he not under assault charges?

Defending his actions in court was wrong. This is not an example to set. He’s basically saying you can do anything you want as Limerick hurler and I’ll pick you.
Was it Hayes or kiely who told the lies in court about Hayes remembering what happened night of the meley in Limerick
money can buy you out of anything .. the whole thing is rotten.. they are some role models.. how has kiely the balls to do these interviews .. Great character witness
Does same logic apply to Pat Ryan and Jason Gilane there John “Kyle is remorseful” Kiely , even though Kyle fought with his not guilty plea right to the end. Be best if ye got ur stories aligned there John
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