🚨John Kiely coming under more heavy fire for his latest comments on the Kyle Hayes case .. 😬

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The Limerick hurling manager John Kiely has backed his player Kyle Hayes as he was speaking to the media at the launch of the Munster Championship in Cahir during the week and quoted by RTE.ie – although he refused to speak to RTE, he said the following;

“I think my presence, I wouldn’t have gone there unless I wanted to show him that I was there to support him but also that it doesn’t mean I’m condoning what happened at all, quite the contrary. Listen, it’s over, it has been dealt with by the courts, we move on,” said the five-time All-Ireland winning manager.

“I’m glad that it has come to an end. Very much looking towards the future now. I know Kyle is looking towards the future as well and pushing on. That’s it, really. Just glad that it has come to a conclusion.”

Kiely said the case has been difficult for everyone.

“Listen, none of this is easy for anybody and you’d rather not be in that situation. These challenges are obviously there for everybody involved.

“But ultimately it’s down to the individuals who are directly involved. For all their sakes, I’m sure they’re glad that this part of it has come to a close.”


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This matter could have been dealt with by Kiely in 2019 when briefed by Gardaí on the ferocity of the assault. Hayes should have been dropped from the Limerick panel then. Now, the “Hayes legacy” is a negative distraction no county team would want chasing a record five-in-a-row.

Hayes is a criminal and got away likely. Kiely showed a weakness in his character by getting involved. Silly man. How does John Kiely think of Cillian McCarthys family tonight. Proud People but let down. Where’s their voice.

For a school teacher who was principal of a big secondary school it showed bad judgement
Do ye pester Cathal Barrett or Darren Gleeson or Cormac Costelloe about their criminal charges. The Anti Limerick agenda in full swing with the main stream media anyway
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    1. He should have been sent to gaol and never put on a Limerick shirt again he’s a disgrace to the GAA.

  1. Now the moral police want to turn the screw on John Kiely. Get a life for fuck’s sake and leave decent people alone. Is there no end to the online trolling on this case?

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