John Kiely: “I wish to wholeheartedly retract those comments”

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The Limerick manager John Kiely was Speaking to the Irish Examiner today and Kiely retracted his remarks and apologised to the Tribesmen.

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“I should have paid more attention to my own performance and that of the team than to the opposition,” he said.

“At the time I was of the opinion that I had seen an incident that I wasn’t happy with: It was late in the game and very much to the forefront of my thoughts after the game.

“But over the last two days, I’ve been going through the video footage of the game and have had a very clear sight of those incidents I referred to. The bottom line is that what I thought I had seen was absolutely not the case.

“I wish to wholeheartedly retract those comments with regard to Galway and to apologise for them. It’s important that I set the record straight now that I’m certain that what I saw was not what I believed I had seen.”

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