John Fury: ‘I get my old age pension on Wednesday & I’ll still throw down with anyone’

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The father of Tyson and Tommy Fury, John says he’ll still throw down with anyone and says men meet before mountains as he claims to having 100’s of fights outside the ring in car parks etc..

John also claims his as strong as three men, I wouldn’t doubt him! Wouldn’t it be great to see John Fury have a fight against someone in the ring, it would be an absolute sell out, especially with his ‘world class heart’

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Will Tommy Fury fight Jake Paul in the new year? It will be interesting to see if he’ll face up to it, at the moment it looks like his running scared… Some big fights next year!

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  1. John Fury might be big, strong and skilful but at his age I doubt he’d be able to last more than a couple of rounds at the most.

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