John Fury on David Haye: “He wants a kick up the arse doesn’t he, he’s as fragile as a china pot.”

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Tyson Fury’s father John was on the TrueGeordie podcast this week looking back on the Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury fight and when asked about David Haye he didn’t hold back by saying;

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“Don’t mention that idiot to me. That is a crackerjack that. He’s been on the crackpipe him, hasn’t he? That’s being on the crackpipe. He wants a kick up the arse doesn’t he, he’s as fragile as a china pot.

“The only thing big about him… his friggin ego. Man’s good for nawt.”

“Bellew flattened him and Bellew’s a big fat kid. So he goes on about people’s conditioning. Bellew’s not got a body and Bellew battered him from pillar to post and made him cry… He’s got no heart, no balls, no nowt and I’ll tell him to his face.

“This is a big podcast, I said it, “David Haye, keep my sons’ name out of your mouth. Cause he’s going to end up in a grave with a big red rose reef on it. You stupid man.”

“Don’t talk about Furys no more, because you ain’t good enough to talk about a Fury because you haven’t got heart big enough to talk about one.

“You’re a cowardly mother so stay in your own lane and do some work at your punditting because you’re useless at that as well.”

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