John Fury takes aim at ‘jealous’ Eddie Hearn

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John Fury father of Tyson and Tommy Fury was talking on the Rob Moore podcast and had some interesting things to say about Barry and Eddie Hearn..

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Speaking ahead of the Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul fight which is due to take place in Florida on the 18th of December.

“They’re intelligent kids. They’re business lads, they’re out making their money, they’ve got loads of YouTube followers,” he said, speaking on the Rob Moore podcast.

“It’s a new wave of boxing, it’s bringing in different audiences, different eyes, different ears. I think it’s brilliant.”

“The die-hard boxing fanatics, it probably isn’t going to float their boat, I can understand that, but there’s other people out there who don’t understand boxing at all who are going to see these fights and get enthralled.

“So it brings a lot more to the table and opens a lot up in the world of entertainment. That’s what these guys are about – entertainment – and they’re making millions of dollars out of doing it.”

“Back to Eddie and Barry Hearn,” he continued. “They’re only jealous because they’re not promoting it. Of course they are. Pea-green with envy those two boys.”

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