🚨 John Fury names the one man he wants to fight and explains why

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John Fury recently had beef with Carl Froch and was callled out by Joe Egan.

Tyson Fury’s dad is forever grabbing headlines with bizarre call outs and behaviour at weigh-in and press conferences.

But his recent attack on Carl Froch where he offered to fight him probably trumped the lot.

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Of course it’s unlikely that that fight was ever going to take place and Fury senior has turned his attentions back to Mike Tyson of all people.

Speaking to Free Bets, ‘Gypsy John’ said: ‘The only person I’m looking at who can really bring the numbers in is Mike Tyson.

If I don’t get him, I’m not really interested in these other men. I’m not cheap and for me to climb back into the ring, it’s in the millions, not the thousands.

I don’t think they can put it up or they won’t put it up. I’ve had two bets now with these so called, multi, multi-millionaires and both of them have welshed!

Could you imagine if I did that? ‘Oh, I’ve had a bet and John Fury’s not paid’. Well, my name would go up in lights as a welsher, a no-good bum, don’t take this man’s word for nothing, what are these people?

I don’t think they’ve got what they say they’ve got. I think it’s all crap. I’m honest as the day is long. I haven’t got a lot of money; I’m not bothered what people think.’

You would imagine that Mike Tyson wouldn’t be particularly interested in John Fury but saying that a lot of fans would like to see ‘Iron Mike’ in the ring with Fury.

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