(Video) John Fury restrained after kicking off at press conference

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John Fury had to be restrained by security after kicking off with Anthony Taylor at Friday’s pre-fight press conference.

Fury’s youngest son, Tommy, will be fighting on the undercard of tonight’s Floyd Mayweather vs Deji exhibition match in Saudi Arabia.

Tommy was twice supposed to be stepping into the ring with Jake Paul, but is currently unable to travel to the USA to take on the YouTuber.

He has, however, previously stepped in the ring with a former sparring partner of Paul’s, MMA fighter Anthony Taylor, nicknamed ‘Pretty Boy’.

Fury won via a unanimous decision on the night, but Taylor is seemingly intent on earning himself a second bite at the cherry.

Tommy Fury (right) beat Anthony Taylor (left) via a unanimous decision

At Friday’s press conference, Taylor attempted to rile Tommy Fury up and urged him to step into the ring with him for a second time.

We’re not entirely sure why, but his goading appeared to utterly infuriate John Fury, who kicked off and had to be restrained by security.

We know that Big John has a temper – but he went from 0 to 100 real quick here…