🚨 Joey Barton takes aim at ‘woke’ Sky in latest furious rant

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Joey Barton isn’t impressed with Sky’s offering these days.

The former Manchester City players hasn’t held back on subjects ranging from Dwight Yorke’s managerial career to the performance of women as pundits.

Today he turned his attention to Sky. In his latest moan he posted on X formerly Twitter:

‘Weekend of sport. Turned on Sky Sports Main Event. This ‘Saturday Social’ that’s replaced Soccer AM is absolutely abysmal. Big pile of horse shite. Sky Sports who is behind these shows. They clearly don’t understand their audience.

Are you meaning to drive people away?’

He continued his tirade against the platform.

‘This show (Saturday Social) is on 3 channels of @skysports atm (1,2 +3)

It’s about as funny as Cot Death. I’ve turned over to watch James Martin cooking it’s that bad.

I’m cancelling Sky. It’s dreadful. Woke and not funny. Can’t carry on paying for this shite.’

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  1. 💯 joey sky is on a downward spiral can’t argue with the lad, and the woman pundits omg shocking.

  2. Couldn’t agree more , I’m also thinking of removing sky . Almost everything has to include a minority group, what about the vast majority? Oh yeah we’re just middle aged dinosaurs that no longer have a relevant opinion. Keep up the good work Joey and get a petition going to get women out of the men’s game.

  3. Totally agree, Sky Sports is dreadful now. Why did they ditch Soccer AM? Why has Sunday Supplement been replaced with the dreadful Darren Lewis? And Sky Sports News is just full of third rate ‘YouTubers.’ 🤷‍♂️

  4. Got rid of sky when they started backing a terrorist organisation blm and there over the top political correctness there standards are. So low know people need to hurt them the way they will change everyone cancel there subscription

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