🚨Joey Barton is going after Laura Woods & Bianca Westwood, does he have a point or has he lost the plot?

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The former Manchester City and Rangers midfielder Joey Barton is going in on sport presenters Laura Woods and Bianca Westwood as he continues to have a cut off women in certain jobs in the media. See his tweets and replies below;

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Tbf in the pier morgan interview when he was talking about credibility he said that Bianca had worked her way up the ladder to get where she is now and has been for quite a bit

2 of the best pundits going came after some wash up ex pro? Yeah good one mate

Agree with joey totally. There’s a place for women’s football and women commentators but men’s football should be left to the men..

Don’t feed the troll. He is only after follows for his podcast now that no football club worth their salt are willing to employ him.


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