🚨Joey Barton slams ‘clueless’ female reporter after embarrassing video does the rounds 😬

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The former Rangers and Newcastle United Premier League player Joey Barton has been very vocal on twitter in the last 24 hours after a video has gone viral of a female football reporters clearly not having a clue about the rules in the Champions League ..

MORE HERE: 🚨Jurgen Klopp came very close to hitting this reporter after ill advised remark, the man was fuming 😤



You look nice here babe please can you reply once to me it looks cold there I will. Warm you up just kidding

Your misogyny and vile abuse of women is disgusting. Someone’s got to say something or this will never end

Joey you’re embarrassing yourself and you’re trying to stay relevant. You’re bringing this amazing and lovely woman down for that? To make yourself feel better?
We have some awful male commentators too, the fact you don’t call out them and attack women commentators is a testament to your character
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