🚨 Joey Barton causes a stir again with huge dig at Izzy Christiansen after Erling Haaland comments

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Joey Barton has slammed Izzy Christiansen once again.

The pundit had suggested that Erling Haaland might be missing Jack Grealish a little bit and the Sky Sports video got a response from Barton.

Taking to X formerly Twitter he posted:

‘Who let the Cabbage patch kid into the studio. Why is she talking about Men’s football?’

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His post received a mixed reaction on social media.

One fan wrote: ‘Female or male, it really isn’t that deep. I promise you it’s not. Imagine being the big age that you are and this is what turns you red! Could never be me.’

Another added: ‘Screams jealousy this man. Absolute clown.’

A third commented: ‘You literally aren’t fit to lace Christiansen’s boots.’

A fourth remarked: ‘Unemployed Man annoyed that Woman has a job.’

Although others seemed to agree with the former Newcastle player.

One asked: ‘What did she bring to the conversation?’

A second claimed: ‘Diversity hire.’

Earlier he had taken aim at Alex Scott and made a rather strange comparison.

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  1. Tbh I agree with him. Its just pushing diversity and inclusivity down our throats at the expense of decent content. Would it not be better having an ex male premiership player instead of her ? Of course it would, his insights would be far superior. Womens football is an absolute joke, have you ever seen it. Its like watching a high-school match during PE.

    Thats said, do i really care… not really. I just switch it over. If they are monitoring their viewing figures and its not obliterating them ir they dont care as long as its inclusive then fire away and let the princesses feel special.

    in fact feel lucky as itll not be long before they try shoehorning transexuals into it

  2. In football levels – womens football is ranked ‘at best’ at about tier 250 below every English Welsh Scottish and Northern Ireland Teams and there Reserve Teams, so why? They start virtually every statement with ” as Roy just said or I agree with Gary etc. What makes matters worse is that the pundits pretend to agree and what makes this worse is that the girly pundit knows she shouldn’t even be there.

  3. I’m not a joey Barton fan in fact I hate him,But I do agree with him women commentators shouldn’t be commentating on men’s football most of them are knowledgeable about the game.But women’s football
    has become huge worldwide so no need to have them in the men’s game.

  4. Watched football focoss on Saturday for the first time for ages,,Sorry but 2 Women not ever involved in the men’s football taking about The Mens Premier league…I turned off after 2 minutes…

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