🚨 Joey Barton absolutely destroys Manchester United legend over job claims

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Joey Barton has fully gone in on Dwight Yorke.

Yorke had an illustrious career winning titles with Manchester United and scoring an impessive 123 Premier League goals in the process.

Despite his success on the pitch Yorke fears he may have to buy a football club to secure a head coaching gig in English football.

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This has clearly annoyed the often controversial Joey Barton who took to X formerly Twitter to post:

‘Pure racism on show here again. Whites are bad. Drop me out.

Dwight can’t get a job because of his arrogance. Not because he’s black. Busy partying and acting a clown. Turned his back on a disabled kid. Then only wants top jobs (Aston Villa etc 😭😭).

Doesn’t want to start at the bottom and work his way up.

Everyone knows that. Everyone with a brain. Stop your race baiting. It’s pathetic. Darren Lewis at the hub of it! Shock. Reverse Racism is Racism lads.’

Sadly for Yorke like many others his managerial career has been underwhelming.

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    1. Or maybe it’s because they don’t have the skill experience knowledge or ability to be managers at a high level .. instead of going for the big jobs do what other managers do and start your manager career at the low levels . Earn your way up the ladder . Being white does not give you a leg up nor being black keeping you down EARN THE POSITION !!!

  1. Hasn’t really had a chance to be a proper dad to the big fella ! probably didn’t want to be in the face of the media paparazzi that followed Katie P and her random interchanging men friends ! he probably remembers the Dwight long shlong and Andy no pole Cole Katy kiss and tell 3 some story that KP gave to the Tabloids most notably N.O.W ! If they’ve had an agreement that has had DY support the lad financially but no dad time then it’s up to them ! Seems Katie has done a great mam/son job and hasn’t ever outed Dwight for not being there for there son…as far as coaching at the top goes ‘ is it coz I is black’… wassup ma ni..a…a name is winson magobo an I jus wan yor sort code an yor account numba you’ve won 150.0000 Nigerian dolla 😄
    Go joey B….

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