🚨 Joe Rogan raises worrying scenario after Tyson-Paul fight sanctioned as pro contest

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Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul is officially a professional contest.

The bout has caused huge controversy with an age gap of over 30 years between the pair.

And last week fans and the boxing community were left stunned after the clash was approved as a professional contest.

It was thought that the contest would be an exhibition but the ruling means the fight will go on both of their records and that knockouts are allowed.

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Ahead of the ruling UFC legend, Joe Rogan expressed his concerns about the worst-case scenario.

Speaking on his Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, he said: “It’s not necessarily carved in stone yet, they might not approve it.

“If a lot of people protest, they won’t approve it. The thing is, if Tyson dies. See if you have something like that (happen).”

“If he’s physically capable of recapturing 70 per cent of what he used to do.

“Just dealing with that 90 per cent of the power (will be a problem for Paul).

“70 per cent of the physical ability and 90 per cent of the power.

“Because the power is not gone, you see it when he hits the bag. The power is there 100 per cent.

“But he’s had a bunch of back issues, he had a real bad sciatica and he was walking with a cane.

“But who knows what they’ve done (with stem cells). I’m sure he’s with the right people.

“Even at 57, you can make a lot of money if Mike Tyson is fit and in shape. Which is so crazy to say.”

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