🚨”I f**ked it” – Joe Marler apologises for the worst penalty ever to give away .. 😬

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The England and Harlequins prop Joe Marler has apologised to Harlequins fans after giving away a silly penalty when Quins still had a slight chance in the semi-final of the Champions Cup on Sunday again Toulous in the south of France.

See the incident below with some of the comments underneath ..

It’s ok though!… he did his usual “sorry I fucked up” but I’m not really sorry and I don’t think I fucked up and I’ll do it again next time tweet after the game!

12 points down, man down 2 minutes 9 seconds left. Hardly ended their chances. Stupid, yes, but their chances were not ended because of it.

The worst are his ‘fans’ who justify and encourage every idiotic thing he does because he is a ‘character’. They are even trying to justify the slap on Ramos smh. Smh.
Yes – it was idiotic but are you actually suggesting Quins would have scored 2 (converted) tries in 2 minutes?
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