Joe Brolly Takes Aim at Mayo and Retirement Posts

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Joe Brolly was writing in his latest column with and taking aim at the retirement posts of the GAA players that are stepping away from the game, but it seems he particularly had a problem with Mayo. Bit Harsh?

“Two other groups who should not be allowed to tweet or use social media are the GPA and county players.

“This sugary, cringeworthy combination of Hello! magazine and the GAA has brought us over the last few weeks the annual avalanche of player retirement tweets . . .”

“I want to thank my sponsors Audi, Aldi and Lucozade Sport (which not only improves sporting performance, but is also a delicious drink for any occasion) and I hope that we can continue on our heroic journey together over the next decade (at least).

“I will not be making any further comment until the release of my autobiography WARRIOR next week, which has been described by GPA chief executive Paul Flynn as ‘the most inspiring thing I have read since Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom’.”

He added: “Twitter, Facebook and Instagram need to follow up on their Trump ban by banning this crap.”

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