Joe Brolly Doubles Down on his Criticism of The Sunday Game – “Now, It’s Like a F****ng Morgue”

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The former RTE pundit and All-Ireland winner with Derry, Joe Brolly has recently slammed the coverage of the GAA on RTE. The Derry man was talking to Tomas Ó’Sé on his podcast Comhrá Le Tomás and quoted by

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“When I started on the television, it was great fun. You had freedom and independence.. You were treated with respect and you could go there, and it was most enjoyable.

“Then, obviously things changed from the top and it was a very different set-up then. You were like schoolchildren being sent texts and being told what to do.

“And now, it’s like a f****ng morgue, and they are set on podiums.. This podium thing.. What are they going to do? A party political broadcast? It is more boring than the news now.

“There’s no sense from RTE now that this is supposed to be entertainment, and makes people talk about it on a Monday morning. I genuinely mean that, and I don’t think there is anybody who thinks that.

“I feel sorry for the pundits and everyone involved. Des Cahill said it. He said the fun is all gone out of it. It’s not the same anymore, and where is the debate and the passion.

“At the end of the day, this is our recreation and our love. We talk about games and we want honest responses to it.”

“It’s very formulaic and they are not talking about the bigger picture or things that are interesting.

“If it is someone who is usually really boring in real life.. I mean what sort of criteria is that? I think that is the problem. You have a structure and approach that is the opposite of entertainment.”

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