🚨Jim McGuinness slammed for disgraceful act towards individual at the Ulster launch .. 😬

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In a recent press day Jim McGuinness refused to speak to sports journalist Declan Bogue at the launch for the Ulster Championship. Not sure why, but have a look at what Declan Bogue had to say below and some of the comments underneath ..

Simple answer is for no journalist to cover Donegal, their sponsors would soon be raging. That being said getting anything interesting out of inter-county players these days is a tough ask

Surely some solidarity from fellow GAA journalists would soften his cough. If Donegal are excluded from media events the furore would be outrageous.

McGuinness has the right not to talk to whoever he wants. If journalists feel strongly about it they can show some backbone and all boycott Donegal media days but they won’t

McGuinness thinks he’s Pep Guardiola. Ignore Donegal and let the sponsors sort out McGuinness.

A bona fide journalist doing a legitimate days work to earn a crust. Not good enough. Too many Gaa managers have been out of control for a long time. They got rid of a good hurling league 5 yrs ago, claiming it was too competitive.
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