Jeremy Kyle slams Celtic fans for ‘disgraceful’ lack of respect

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The former host of the Jeremy Kyle show and 57 year old presenter wasn’t one bit happy with the Celtic supporters this week and he also gave out about Sky Sports’ pundit Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville.

“One of the things that absolutely enraged me, you know this debate last week about cancelling the Premier League fixtures? They decided to do that, and Jamie Carragher, rent-a-gob, and Gary Neville, rent-a-gob mark II, they said it was disgraceful and it would have been a fantastic chance for football fans to show their respect.

“I get that, then we watch what happened in Scotland. Celtic fans are being slammed absolutely for the most offensive banner, which was basically slagging off the Queen’s death. In contrast, a quite elaborate tribute from Rangers fans at the weekend, the impact was wonderful.

“I didn’t understand why some Celtic fans were being disrespectful to the late Monarch, Rangers fans not so.”

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