Jamie Redknapp ‘Everyone Needs to take a Deep Breath’

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The former Liverpool and Spurs player Jamie Redknapp was on Sky Sports last night and was saying everyone needs to take a breath and step back from this thing. You ‘Can’t just sack’ them they own the club and it’s different now, fans should still and wait for the next step.

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“I was disgusted like everyone in football by what nearly happened. But I think, to a certain extent, right now everyone has just got to take a breath. There’s a lot of emotions running high and rightly so,” Redknapp started.

“But all of the clubs in the Premier League have pulled out. Thankfully, they’ve come to their senses and what they were quite thinking – none of us know.

“It was incredible that they had the audacity and the arrogance to think that they could get this to go ahead. We’re talking about points deductions and sacking boards and you’ve got to so careful when you’re saying these things.

“These guys own the clubs – you can’t just sack them. They’re there for a reason. The likes of [Manchester City owner] Sheikh Mansour and [Chelsea owner] Roman Abramovich – they’ve put so much money into the club.

“They’re business people. This has all been a business play. It’s always about money when you own a football club.”

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