Jamie Carragher turns the tables on Gary Neville in jersey forfeit

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If you are a football fan on Twitter, you are probably aware of the between Sky Sports colleagues Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville.

Long story short, Carragher bet that Brazilian footballer Paulinho would score at least 15 Premier League goals this season. He didn’t.

The forfeit for losing the bet? The Liverpool legend was to wear a Manchester United jersey for a day – with Neville’s name on the back for extra humiliation.

Carragher has been ducking and diving for the last few days to try and get out of the bet – even enlisting innocent children to the cause.

But this morning Neville made what he clearly thought was the killer move – raising the stakes by making it about charity. He suggested a Manchester United jersey signed by the ex-Liverpool player would be a great fundraiser for a British children’s hospital.

Fair play to Carragher, he quickly stepped up to the plate and agreed.

And then turned the tables back on his Monday Night Football co-star, by saying the same would be true of a Liverpool jersey signed by Neville.

Well played Jamie, well played.

Over to you Gary.

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