🚨James McClean was having none of one supporter last night as things got ugly 🤬👊

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The Ireland and Wrexham midfielder James McClean was having none of this supporter last night as he invited the supporter onto the pitch to settle their differences.

See the incident and some of the comments below;

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James McLean just doing James McLean things.

Fan trying to climb the gate when it’s open to his right

Fair play James we are right in the middle of silly season #poppywatch and no doubt plenty of racial slurs were used against him for his views and for him being Irish it is a weekly occurrence for him at this stage yet nothing has been done to address this by the FA or the police
Any fan who wears a shirt over a hoodie should be beaten up for just doing that!


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  1. James McLean is just a radical cu*t am Irish and there fuck al wrong we putting a poppy on he,s just a plain ira supporter. Remember are war dead with pride

    1. Well said, lots of Irish, Scots, Welsh and English all died in wars defending our countries. If he came out and said the IRA were wrong to murder lots of innocent people I would have more respect for him. He chooses to wind people up and then play the poor me card. He seriously needs to f*ck off or face any consequences

      1. Bouldy, he’s not winding up anyone

        He gets constant slagging by fcking morons and every now and again he might react

        I don’t blame him

      2. Did the British Government come out and say they were WRONG for what they did in Bloody Sunday or Ballymurphy ??
        Why are you asking McClean to be a spokesman for the IRA?
        If the poppy had have been JUST for the 2 world wars, then I’m positive no-one would have any problems, but as you and I know, that’s NOT the case. It commerates every conflict the British army were ever in. So well done James.

        1. Yes they did. For both wrongdoings. James McClean is entitled to his freedom of choice. That’s why British & Irish soldiers fought against fascism, so he could choose. Good job we’re not relying on the likes of him to defend our freedom now.

        2. Well done the British army for standing against murdering terrorist scum. This guy has been given a platform by British football clubs over the years to play football not politicise sport and made lots of British pounds for being able to have that opportunity too. No respect for him or his hypocrisy biting the hand that feeds him.

      3. He has been an Absolutely Genuine Irish Patriot Who Remembers Those Who Have Worn The Blood Soaked Poppy And Who Murdered Innocent Irish Children,Women & Men🇵🇸💚🇮🇪💚🇮🇪💚🇮🇪

      4. If it was just to honour the world war dead he has stated that he would have no probs with that, but it also includes the soldiers who deliberately killed innocent women and children here in Ireland. Would you honour Isis dead members?

    2. You seem like a well educated guy. Wait no, you’re an ignorant moron. Not even able to write coherently in your own language.

    3. James McClean is an intelligent , articulate ,
      Principled young man , who can put forward his case , without resorting to foul mouthed abuse. Thousands of Irish Nationalists agree with him.

    4. Or Maybe, JMcL read up on his British war history, particularly that associated with Churchill & Thatcher and maybe he decided that he did not want to be associated with it.

    5. He is from Derry. Ye wont understand unless ye came from there or lived there. Dont remember it being a requirement of clubs to have a poppy on their shirts when i was growing up. Keep politics and symbols that have nothing to do with football out of football. Let football ability be the only talking point.

    6. Yes there is. It’s honouring soldiers who committed murder in Northern Ireland and also a symbol of Brit nationalism which is why none of us wear it. If you were Irish you would know that. Also he never said anything about supporting the IRA. Most people here don’t support the IRA and still hate your army.

    7. Oscar there is no need for expletives but I would like to point out that I too am Irish but would never wear a Poppy not only for the atrocities carried out but the Lies that were told and their commanders raised in Rank,also no catholicexservicemen in my home town were given any money from the British Legion. Hopefully this will clarify

  2. We had the misfortune of having this scum on our books at Sunderland and when ever we play a team with him in it there’s always trouble.
    The gut always comes up with the poor poor me comments and why should my kids have to take this abuse when he plays against Sunderland. We’ll if you don’t like it McLean get back to Ireland and get paid in euros instead of living off the British pound scumbag

    1. Technically it’s US dollars that’s paying his wages but what’s facts got to do with it, when you are a racist uniformed fool.

      1. I think you will find the fans at Wrexham pay for everything in pounds ,not dollars ! Or are you suggesting Wrexhams American owners are breaking ffp rules & subsidising Wrexham by other means 🤔?

      2. The British pound was made from England taking over and robbing other countries, you are no longer Great Britain as there is nothing great about you, all you so called football supporters just love to have a go at someone, I am a Republican and Proud of it, Ireland is 32 Counties once under British rule. We fought and won back 26 and the British stole the other 6. Freedom of speech and freedom of expression is something the British cannot Rob from anyone, Well done James McClean. 👏

    2. Do you say the same thing to all the coloured people who are racially abused by moronic English supporters on a daily basis. So should they go home too. If that’s the case , their would be no premier league to play in.

    3. So ye can’t be rasit can’t be homefobic but because ye won’t wear a poppie for people that murdered and bombed your home your scum it’s just such an English thing to say uneducated but sure luck football is your life how sad is that

    4. You never told Niall Quinn to go back to Ireland .Roy Keane either.James McClean stands up for what he believes in and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    5. No Blacks No Irish
      You had the same problem with Darren Brent
      And his mum
      The vast majority of Sunderland fans are good people
      And the there’s you and your ilk, diminishing the gene pool
      I hear Gaza’s great, this time of the year

  3. Consider this; What is a football team? They were mainly formed as part of the UK industrialisation, large groups of people coalesced in what were to become towns/cities and needed a form of entertainment. Football, given its relative ease to which it could be played took hold, thus clubs formed from the people who attended factories/pubs/churchs. These clubs mirrored the values and beliefs of the communities from which they were born. It was not uncommon to have local factory workers turning out on a Saturday for their local side. The team reflected the social norms and customs of the people in the community. This is still the case in provincial football teams across the country. One might imagine a lot of supporters that follow the teams Mclean has played for have had members who serve or have served in the armed services. Therefore, the actions of McLean are reprensible. He makes this stance, it it reflects on him and his beliefs only. It goes against the values of the club he plays for and more importantly the supporters he supposably represents. This is why people have a problem with James McLean. If this is not the deliberate actions of a bigot then I am at a loss to understand what the definition is.

  4. Every country on this earth that is in turmoil including Israel and Palestine was at some stage controlled by the British what does that say about the British.

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