James McClean stands separated from his teammates for the Queen’s minute silence

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The 33 year old Wigan and Irish midfielder James McClean refused to stand with his teammates for the minute silence this evening in honour of the Queen. McClean is from a part of Ireland where you’re either one side or the other and he doesn’t hide his opinion on the Queen.

The Irish man is getting booed every time he gets the ball this evening against Huddersfield Town in the Championship, as you can expect.. See some for he comments on twitter below

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A lot of people have divided opinions on the Queen and the Royal family James McClean is certainly one of those players and he doesn’t hide the fact of where he stands in this matter..

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    1. Exactly, that’s what the original inhabitants of that part of Ireland has been saying to the royals and the English for some 800 years but tonight James showed class and dignity by respecting all those who wanted to show admiration to the Queen whilst not compromising his own beliefs.
      Your comment just shows how little respect you have for other people’s culture while still expecting others to respect yours, two faced and moronic I’d say !!

    2. The Queen’s English . Funny that that’s the problem none of the crown forces would **** off for years when they were asked to leave even after the murder and torture of innocent people he grew up with but hay let’s not fall out over 1 minute when 850 years is the real issue that includes many murders in our lifetime by the way. Does not condone the other terrorists who committed abhorrent crimes on both islands allegedly in Irelands name. He showed courtesy and restraint there’s something in that for us all. Mick- I hope my name doesn’t make you uncomfortable as I have been told through out my life when visiting been visited by colleagues from the UK .

    3. FIFA, UEFA and the IOC have a rule, no political or religious reference or interference yet the FA constantly break this rule with their poppy wearing, remembrance days and every other nonsense they can think of.
      Every sport went ahead last weekend except football.
      You know nothing of history if you never read the atrocities the British commited against Irish people and more recently the people of Northern Ireland.
      James McClean certainly knows his history and will stick to his principles till the day he dies.

    4. It was the queen’s army that murdered 13 innocent people where he grew up and David Cameron publicly apologised for so get your fuckin facts right before judgment.

      1. Fuck u and David Cameron apologize for them lives, that’s how the paedophile cabal work cause murder mayhem and pain and them get a puppet in to say sorry ya fool

    5. He doesn’t have a problem with the Queen you🤡 it’s what’s she represented and now her son, the commander of the parachute regiment who murdered 14 unarmed civilians one of which was a relative of his in Derrys bogside, who you expect an Englishman playing in Germany to honour the Nazis every year??

    6. Why? There was always a high chance he would out live her. I’m sure you hate people too so should you fuck off???

    7. It’s a pity that the Queens Parachute Regiment hadn’t “Fucked off” from His city before they murdered 14 innocent civilians.

    8. When then devil took the queen he left behind your your lovley smile the only thing you forgot to do pony head you forgot to brush the teeth or wer you to busy laughing at the takeaway up james he hates the queen he hates the queen your comment means nothing to him coz he hates the queen she a gonna you can start the brush if ya ain’t to lazy lad god run rhe king

  1. Funny enough, that’s more or less what we’ve been saying about the Brit occupation of the northern part of Ireland for fucking years, yet they’re still there!

  2. The devil has her lad but sure 69 years on the bone how long will she last with the dev brud you little honey suckle queen fuckin bunny little bucko get up like a man and apologise to James for your stupid comment brud and don’t forget your the dud in the hood bud .now go have you pud you with your stud spud.coz you can never get her back now brud.

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