James McClean sends out a new message in solidarity for the Irish women’s team & the haters

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The Wigan and Irish player James McClean has posted a picture to his story of giving the middle finger. It’s unsure what this picture is meant for, but surely it’s in support of the Irish women and aimed at the media who are giving the girls a tough time.

MORE HERE: Popular politician in the north asks for the Irish women’s team to be ‘thrown out of the World Cup

The Irish women’s team created history on Tuesday evening after defeating Scotland and qualifying for their first ever major tournament. The sad thing is, that this is been lost in all of this, it was an incredible achievement especially when you consider how hard the Irish women had to fight for basic standards in Irish football. Well done girls and we’ll be shouting you on next year.

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    1. Where’s the hate pal he is supporting his country women while dickheads disrespect them for signing a song. Woke cockheads

    2. Hello Bill,
      My wife is from London and she moved here to Dublin in her early 20s and she has been here now over 40 years. Her relatives come over quite frequently and they have made it their business to find out about Irish history. Now, my ancestors fought in 1916 and some of them were killed.
      My family and friends laugh wondering what my ancestors would think about me being married to an English woman.
      Anyway, your late Queen Elizabeth came to Dublin and laid a wreath in our garden of remembrance to the people who fought for Irish freedom. And later made a speech in Dublin Castle basically apologising. You can find the speech on YouTube.
      Now as you may or may not know, but the loyalists in the North of Ireland are decendants of Scottish people who were planted there bye the UK government to outnumber the native people to keep that part of our island as part of the UK.
      Why don’t we speak Irish?
      There is a movie written by an English man who said the real story of Ireland should be told. The movie is, The wind that shakes the Barley.
      If you watch it, you will notice at the start when they are in the farmyard what happened when they spoke in Irish.
      I am x military and I now know some British soldiers who served in the North in the 70s and 80s. Who will tell you that they are ashamed for having served there. I can simplify it for you quite easily.
      Russia invaded Ukraine. There is no difference in what is happening in Ukraine and what happened here, and your government is pouring millions into Ukraine even though they did the same here
      After all of that we Irish don’t hold any animosity towards the English people and I guarantee James Mc Clean doesn’t either.
      So Bill, I hope that you have been a little enlightened.

      1. Your comments are fine if a little skewed John, the north of Ireland was settled by not only Scottish people but also very many from mainly northern England also the UK didn’t exist at that time as one nation although England & Scotland had the same monarch, also it is always overlooked that Scotland was invaded & settled by Irish peoples called the Scoti from which Scotland get’s it’s name, otherwise Scotland might have been called Pictland or Caledonia , the Gaelic language is Irish as am sure you well know, and Scotland has many many place names of Gaelic origin, almost all Scottish mountains are Gaelic in name, and the language is still spoken in parts of the country

    3. And if you don’t like our singing get yourselves back across the water and stay there .. stop whinging.. at least S McC is showing ye how to be a respectful decent and good footballer.. so let ya dry up.

  1. He does not hate the English he like many Irish people have had very bad experiences with English people stereotyping Irish people as monsters, your soldiers killed many hundreds of Irish people north and south we have right to sing songs from our past, he is from the North of Ireland and has seen first hand what your soldiers have done in the name of your country to his fellow country men, women and children something you have never had to see first hand so don’t judge until you have lived in his shoes just like you we will celebrate the way we want because it is our proud past that was placed on us by your country, we don’t hate England we just find it hard to understand way England finds it so hard to take responsibility for what England caused in our country so leave McClean alone you don’t know is history.

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