🚨James McClean doubles down & makes no apology for anti-monarchy song .. 😬

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The former Ireland winger James McClean has doubled down on his stance and singing along with the Wrexham fans last weekend after their promotion to league one.

The Wrexham fans were signing an anti-monarchy song which McClean joined in on. McClean has his beliefs and that’s that, see some of the comments below ..

How is he controversial? He simply doesn’t celebrate an army that murdered civilians in his home city. I don’t see anything controversial about that
I believe we should keep politics out of football, also let’s sing our hearts out to the ruling classes that nearly every other European country deposed 200 years ago
Won’t belong before Deadpool cuts him lose. Great player for the club but too much baggage for the brand they are trying to build.
Honestly they just can’t leave that man alone Wrexham correct me if I’m wrong is in Wales


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