Picture makes its way online to show the full story of James McClean standing for the minute silence

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Wigan took on Huddersfield in the Championship last night and all eyes were on James McClean and how he would react during the minute’s silence for the Queen.

While there was a lot of talk and people seem to get very excited about this whole thing, a picture has come out online showing the Derry native with his head bowed and black armband on.

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James McClean wears black armband in Wigan's commemoration of death of Queen Elizabeth II - Independent.ie

James McClean is from a divided part of Ireland where you’re either on one side or the other, but to be fair to the 33 year, I don’t think he can be blamed for showing lack of respect, if you look at the picture above. James McClean’s beliefs have to be respected as the people in the north have been though a lot.

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  1. In the words of the Queen herself on her historic visit to the Republic “there are things we could have done better, or not at all”. She played her part in the Good Friday agreement…and shook the hand of SF’s No 2…all in the name of reconciliation…but you do you JM…and help keep that divide as wide as possible.

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