James McClean hits back & reacts to the Irish women’s team singing pro IRA song

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The Ireland and Wigan player James McClean has responded to the video doing the rounds of the women’s team signing ‘Ooh ah up the ‘Ra’. This is blowing up online with Chole Mustaki from the women’s team having to go on Sky Sport’s to apologise and coming in for some hard questioning from Rob Wotton.

Well the Derry native James McClean has taken to his Instagram to show his support for the women. See what James McClean had to say below;

MORE HERE: Rob Wotton asks Chole Mustaki is there ‘a need for education’ after IRA song being sung

You have to be very careful what you say or sing nowadays and the Irish women’s did probably make a mistake on this occasion, but let’s not let it take away from the fact, that what they have achieved has been incredible, getting to a World Cup finals for the first time ever. #COYGIG

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    1. You see Alan,it’s remarks like yours calling these girls bogtrotters that is insulting to Irish people.
      It’s this mindset that reminds Irish people of the way Brits feel about the Irish still.And that’s why we soon will have a united Ireland with no links to England anymore.But you can come here on holiday if you want to enjoy the warm welcome we will afford you as we always have.Up de RA 🤣

      1. It is people like you Gerry who find offence very easily at what people say, I am sure you have a simple reply for the word which has so hurt you! How about being an adult and take a leaf out of MR McClean’s book eh!

      2. Hi Gerry, please don’t make generalisations, you sink to the level of the people you’re insulting, I have no problems with any race and there are millions like me, I have visited Ireland many times nd always found the people warm and friendly,’Us Brits’ are not all the same my friend.

        1. I’m not a fan of fireside or bar stool republicanism but people with British sensibilities, mostly English but some Scots and Welsh, have a patronising affection for the Irish as long as we know our place. Just imagine that the Nazis had managed to cross the channeland taken , say London and the southeast. Would the English have just said, OK, you beat us fair and square, we’re German now ? They certainly wouldn’t! They’d have fought them and would still be fighting them till they got their country back.

    2. Obviously you have no clue on Irish history. The crimes the British carried out over 800 years of occupation far overshadows a few words in a song.

      1. History is history and before you start should concentrate on making your future better , killing and maiming people because of their preferences is not nice , 1st and second world wars are remembered for peace and defence of europe
        From the potato famine , Michael collins , Easter rising, the British troops in Northern Ireland , Bloody Sunday , good Friday agreement. All history if you want a united then it should be done peacefully.
        We’ve already got a nutter trying to wipe Ukraine off the face of the earth

        1. The famine did not only affect the Catholic population it also affected the protestants as well remember the uvf were formed to defend ulster against outside interference it is time to rise up against that rebel nation as for bloody Sunday it wasn’t bloody enough they missed bomber Kelly and the spineless gerry Adams who sent out women and children no United Ireland and god bless the uvf

    3. The song is not about the Provisional IRA.
      The iRA fought for independence in 1916.
      An army that every Irish Republican should be proud of. Big difference.
      Up The Ra….
      Sing it loud and proud…….

    4. Bigot. Calling us bogtrotters and potato eaters whilst you eat haggis, offal wrapped in a sherp’s colon hence, your eating shit from a sheep’s arse! Again, bigot! ☘️

    5. That’s just pure ignorance! It depends on your perspective. The original IRA or “old IRA” as it’s often now called was created from the Irish Volunteers (1917). The “Old IRA” was from 1919 to 1922. Many of its members were former British soldiers who fought in WW1. The “Old IRA” fought for & gained independence in 1922 from British rule apart from the 6 counties obviously. They were a very different group to the “Provisional IRA & the various splinter groups. They are viewed very differently by the Irish people. The majority of the “rebel songs” are written about the men & women of the “Old IRA” & not the Provisional IRA from the 60s onwards. As always it’s about context & perspective!

    6. An education wouldn’t go amiss here alan,, your as ignorant as pig shit and would probably be wasted on your anyway

    7. Feel sorry for people like you, hoping they get knocked out in the early stages, I hope it keeps you awake at night worrying about this.

  1. Every nation has its own patriotic songs. In my personal opinion, they should be free to express themselves in any way that they feel right.

    Remember that Ireland is still occupied since 1801 to this day.

    The world opposes what is happening in Ukraine but turns a blind eye to what is happening in Ireland.

    1. Imagine if the song had been racist or homophobic. You most likely wouldn’t endorse it. You do as it’s anti English and anti Protestant. You’re a moron.

      1. It’s not anti anything. It’s supporting our hero’s who fought for independence in the early 1900s. Not one mention of Protestants and if you knew your history you would know that Wolfe tone himself was a Protestant.

    2. Really you are comparing the situation in NI and Ireland to Ukraine. Get a life. And if we allow everyone to sing nationalistic songs I am sure that the KKK and BNF have a few suggestions for USA and England teams to sing. Singing a song which supports a terrorist organisation responsible for the killing of women and children over the last 40yrs was not I think how ROI football wants to promote. I am sure the victims of the troubles would be willing to educate people like you and the ladies.

      1. Yet you ho. nour God saves the queen /King when you hear it. In the 40 years of conflict British forces murdered innocent men women and children .Bloody Sunday ballymurphy. Gibraltar.

      2. only terrorists in the eyes of the british scum..fuck your english and your country..kill them all let god sort them out

    3. Ireland isn’t occupied. The Irish living in Northern Ireland choose to be part of the UK. If and when that changes the UK would let them leave.

    4. I think you might find that the song the Irish womens football team were singing is a CELTIC football song, often sang to wind up the Rangers fans. The game that they played was at HAMPDEN PARK, the CELTIC football ground.
      The words of the CELTIC SYMPHONY, by the WOLF TONES, talk of a sailor who is a celtic fan. The Women sang the chorus, which generally gets the RANGERS fans going.

    5. Ireland is not occupied you muppet, it is part of Britain by the will of the people who leave there even after all the killing and suffering caused by thd so called freedom fighters

  2. Id have thrown the lot of them out hampden park. Let them remember the innocent catholics murdered by the scum

    1. The song is not about the Provisional IRA.
      The iRA fought for independence in 1916.
      An army that every Irish Republican should be proud of. Big difference.
      Up The Ra….
      Sing it loud and proud…….

  3. Absolute pricks. No place for this shite. Fans on the terraces get arrested for singing less offensive crap.

    As for the Derry Dick- be nice if he could keep his banal comments to his thick racist self.

    1. Self righteous. Learn your history and respect everyone. That’s like saying the English national anthem shouldn’t be allowed because it is derogatory to the Scots. But then you are probably too ignorant to understand

      1. What the fuck would you know about the war not troubles in the North of Ireland your fucking soldiers killed Irish people for years and did not have answer for it not once so if we want to sing or chant about our collective history north and south we will and you English should maybe be more Educated in the violent history you brought to my country we are proud of our country and the people who fought to free from your violent country of hate filled dick heads, our history is ours and we apologise to no one for how we celebrate with songs that make us proud to be Irish.

    2. The song is not about the Provisional IRA.
      The iRA fought for independence in 1916.
      An army that every Irish Republican should be proud of. Big difference.
      Up The Ra….
      Sing it loud and proud…….

    1. Yeah Phil,Irish bastard’s?really.wete your forefathers part of the notorious black and tans.recruited from English and Scottish prisons into the British army serving crimes for rape and murder and sent to Ireland to murder innocent people.Invading the Malvinas,kicked out of hong Kong,my god,the damage and hatred you lot have presided over for centuries is shocking.
      Shame on you.

    2. Fuck you you Hun bastard less we forget the torture and misery ye I on our nation since the 1800s you uneducated fool

  4. To celebrate the murders of innocent people because of the Ills of our forebears is an absolute disgrace, no argument.

    1. The song is not about the Provisional IRA.
      The iRA fought for independence in 1916.
      An army that every Irish Republican should be proud of. Big difference.
      Up The Ra….
      Sing it loud and proud…….

  5. They should be banned from the world Cup now after that disgraceful behaviour, glorifying cowardly murdering scumbags is not acceptable

    1. Get a grip. If that’s the case then the English team and fans would be banned throughout the world lol

    2. That’s right, ban the English because of the slave trade and thier oppression of the Irish Free State; ban the Spanish for thier oppression in Catalonia and the Basques. Especially ban the USA for thier oppression of the indigenous peoples and Afro-Americans. . .the French, Portuguese and Belgians for their oppression and treatment of African people’s . . I look forward to the only final possible: Greenland v Iceland

      1. Greenland and Iceland both effectively Danish…. invaded England, Scotland and Ireland, big involvement in transatlantic slave trade etc etc. So neither of them.

    3. The song is not about the Provisional IRA.
      The iRA fought for independence in 1916.
      An army that every Irish Republican should be proud of. Big difference.
      Up The Ra….
      Sing it loud and proud…….

  6. Irish people should be able to sing any song they wish, if the girls get fun by singing republican songs then let them do it, we are after all a Republic with a ling history of oppression.
    Declan O’Sullivan

  7. Incredible performance Incredible achievement well done girls rob Wotton you should b more worried about educating the English fans and hooligans that embarrassed ye at Wembley you know nothing about Irish history or tradition educate your own

  8. It wasn’t wise as the modern day I R A is/was a terrible lot for sure. Having said that, I find it hypocritical of anyone who identifies as “British “ to try and take the moral high ground as atrocities under the so called Union Jack is/was so much higher all over this planet!

  9. How quickly the English forget their own history.
    How did the commonwealth become the commonwealth by raping other nations

  10. Victory to the Republic ✌️🇮🇪
    Songs were made for a reason to fight British oppression. People now a days get offended so easily no cry on the news when loyalists sing the famine song every year and other hate filled Secterian songs mocking the death of catholics or even for mocking the hunger strikers you’s need to catch yourselves on you’s are just raging cause you’re wee country norn iron are shite and you’s know Irish freedom is coming so enjoy while you’s can the future is green white and gold

  11. Funny how all the ignorant (probanly English) contributors on here foam at the mouth about the “glorifying” of murder (forgetting that the IRA has had many forms, dating back far beyond the ‘Troubles’) but will happily sing “God save the King”, happily glorifying the tens of millions murdered in the pursuit of Empire.
    Hypocrisy on an unimaginable level.

  12. Well done girls! Be proud of being Irish and your great achievement.
    No apologies necessary for singing a Taylor Swift song with a little twist at the end.
    Ignore all the ignorant negative comments from the racists who have no idea of Irish history. They only know what they were brainwashed with at school.
    Well done James Mc Clean from DERRY

  13. Well you know what that means! Time to dig out the old “No surrender! No surrender! No surrender to the IRA!” 🤣

  14. Without the IRA , we wouldn’t have the country we have today. The DUP wouldn’t be in the position they are in. Stop singing the British national anthem then , that’s sang to a person the British army go out and invade , kill and destroy whole country’s in the name of , for over 100 years straight and still going.
    We were at war , what the IRA done in war is nothing compared to the British army. No comparison to be made the British are in a league all of their own. No country could ever get equal with Britain , no other country would ever back their army doing such brutality to other people

  15. Well done girls fantastic achievement, don’t let the British media cloud that achievement. We’re all so very proud of you

    Never apologise for being Irish thick uneducated idiot on Sky news hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about

  16. Feuds of any kind should be let go. Let us go forward in peace and not re live terrible times especially as it was more the ruling class again the poor. The poor in Ireland had a terrible time and so did the poor in England.

  17. I think the Irish are going through a major image change. I mean, the old image of leprechauns, shamrock, Guinness… horses running through council estates… toothless simpletons… people with eyebrows on their cheeks… badly tarmacked drives, in this country… uh, men in platform shoes being arrested for bombings… lots of rocks, and, uh, Beamish. I think people are saying “Yes, there’s more to Ireland than this”. A good slogan for the tourist board. “There’s more to Oireland dan dis”.

  18. Please don’t pretend the UDA and UVF were altar boys (or whatever you Protty bastards call them) while getting triggered about a drinking song.

  19. Our own England fans have for years sung about our victory in the air by the R.A.F over the germans purely as a uplifting song for those that want to sing/hear it
    Yes what the IRA did was horrific but no more horrific than what the English did to their ancestors in fact id go as far to say what we did to them was worse

  20. 186 children died as a result of the troubles. How many were girls who could have grown up and played for Ireland or had daughters who loved football? Stop celebrating the people who killed them and move on. 1 World Cup, 1 world. x

  21. Well done to the Ireland team for qualifying for the World Cup. Now to all you brits that don’t understand Irish history. You have conquered many nations divided many lands yet you dare to call others terrorists 🙄. Give it a rest you hypocrites

  22. I don’t have a problem with fans singing songs like that but the players.. not good. If we want to eradicate bigotry on both sides then the players must take the lead and not be seen to endorse it.

  23. More Irish people in London than there is in 👁️land so as much as they say they hate the brits they love the British coin let’s be honest they aren’t the brightest people on this green 🌍

    1. There are more people of all nationalities in London than in the whole of Ireland

      There are definitely not more Irish in London than Ireland ffs

  24. Well if we are looking at history I’m pretty sure back in medieval times the Irish constantly pillaged and raped Wales and England for hundreds of years. Let history be history and move on, Most people on here were not around when the troubles came and are just carrying on others stories. Make new ones

  25. The worst thing that for us non Irish was that the ira where portrayed as terrorists, yet it was the English who invaded their Ireland

  26. This might be the only time I quote the wretched Wolfe tones Alan,but may the north sea gas burn your ass.

  27. they sang an old song who gives a shit they didn’t mean anything by it shit bag media making something out of nothing for fuck’s sake

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