(Video) James McClean received dog’s abuse at the weekend & has responded to it ☘️👊

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The 33 year old Wigan and Irish player James McClean has responded to the abuse he received at the weekend while playing for Wigan against Sunderland in the Championship. The abuse he receives at times isn’t needed and should be stopped straight away, the Derry native took to his Instagram to respond.

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Where to start really, for my son who is 7 years old and watches every Wigan game either being at stadium or on Latics tv, to be asking his mother “ why are they booing and singing that song at Daddy “ and to have to tip toe around answering him is something which should not be happening. This post is not one of sympathy ( trust me its not wanted ) but one of anger.

Considering every single year we have an FA representative come into each club to discuss the same old crap they spew to us about discrimination , every single year i challenge them on the abuse, every single year they do nothing.

This clip is one of yesterday, which can be heard clearly of one particular chant, as well as other chants of “ fuck the pope and IRA, being sung by the majority of the 30k crowd, as well as numerous individual chants of “ fenian bastard, fenian cunt, “ you dirty Irish cunt” ( while displaying a tribute before game honouring Niall Quinn who is also the same nationality as myself 🤦🏼‍♂️ couldn’t make the stupidity up ) now every one who attended the game would have heard this loud and clear including the referee, match officials and other officials!
I should not have to report every single incident when clearly they can all hear what i hear and they should be doing their job by taking action!

I would be lying if a was to say i expect anything to done about this by the FA, @efl ( history shows this ) but here is ANOTHER CHANCE sure and i certainly don’t expect any action to be taken by @sunderlandafcofficial themselves giving they did nothing when i was their player.

For the uneducated which will always cling on to a certain picture to justify their argument to say “ he’s brings it on himself “ 🙄 this picture which turned out to be not my best joke occurred in 2020, myself as well as my family have been on the end of sickening abuse since Nov 2012, for those you can’t grasp that, that is 8 years of sickening abuse prior 👍🏻

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