James McClean believes that fights should be legal in football 🤔

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The Irish winger suggested that ’10-15 second tear-ups like in ice hockey’ should be legal in football.

James McClean has always been an aggressive player and never afraid to put his head where most people wouldn’t dare put their boot.

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The Wigan player recently made a suggestion on his Instagram stating that football should take a page out of ice hockey’s book and legalise ’10-15 second tear-up fights’.

‘Just an observation… if football introduced the rule like in ice hockey where if there is on field issue then let two players involved have a 10/15 second tear up and then sin bin them, I guarantee there’d be far less handbags.’ the Instagram post read.

It is almost impossible that a rule like this would ever be introduced but it would definitely sort out a lot of on-field problems.

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