Will Jake Paul return to the WWE?

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Jake Paul and the WWE are reportedly open to the idea of doing further work together in the future.

Paul made his debut in the WWE at the Crown Jewel event, with his brother Logan challenging Roman Reigns for the Undisputed Universal title in the Middle East.

Jake was clowned on social media following the event for his shoddy and unconvincing work during his cameo, but the WWE were clearly satisfied with what they saw.

As has been reported by PW Insider, the WWE are open to the idea of Paul returning to the wrestling ring at some point in the future – a feeling which is shared by the man himself.

Jake Paul is interested in a future with WWE - Cageside Seats
Jake Paul (left) is open to returning to the WWE at some point in the future

While Paul is focusing on other endeavours and currently has no interest in a permanent slot with the WWE, he too is keen on working with the company further down the line.

That would open some interesting doors for the WWE to have both Paul brothers competing with them at the same time. Logan has been making enough noise on his own.

Not everyone will be a fan of the Pauls or the circus which follows them around, but with them comes a bundle of cash, so it’s no surprise that the WWE are keen on a slice of the pie.