Deluded Jake Paul reveals desire to fight this boxing superstar

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Jake Paul revealed his desire to fight Canelo Alvarez after his victory over Anderson Silva on Saturday night.

Paul strengthened his credentials in the boxing ring by beating MMA legend Anderson Silva in a mightily impressive unanimous decision win.

The YouTuber knocked Silva down in the final round to sign and seal his victory and will now be looking to kick onto bigger and better things.

What we certainly don’t expect Paul to do next is challenge for world titles, but as you could probably predict, he reckons he’s up to the task.

Jake Paul has reiterated his desire to fight Canelo Alvarez (pictured)

Paul has previously revealed his desire to share the ring with Canelo and has made no secret of his belief that he could actually win that fight.

It’s the height of delusion, of course, but you imagine that it’s merely Paul’s way of successfully navigating his way into a HUGE money fight.

He has no intention of stopping before getting the bout, either. Speaking to the media post-fight last night, Paul again revealed he wants to fight Canelo…