Jake Paul: Conor McGregor will be too scared to fight me – here’s why

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Jake Paul believes that his performance against MMA legend Anderson Silva will be enough to scare off Conor McGregor.

Paul and McGregor have long been on a collision course, with the pair, who have pretty comparable personalities, frequently exchanging words over social media.

There has been some doubt over McGregor’s willingness to step into the ring and face Paul, perhaps it’d be one to consider for when his MMA career is done and dusted.

However, Paul is not convinced that McGregor will ever give the green light to a fight – especially after he sees what the YouTuber will do to upcoming opponent Anderson Silva.

Jake Paul (pictured) believes that Conor McGregor will be too scared to fight him

Paul told SecondsOut in a recent interview, “I don’t know if he will take that risk after he sees what I’m going to do to Anderson, a southpaw, he’s not going to take that risk.”

McGregor doesn’t strike us as the kind who would be scared off by the threat posed by Paul, but in the boxing ring, this is an even fight, and anyone who says it isn’t is lying to themselves.

Paul is larger, has more extensive boxing training and has serious power in that right hand of his. We wouldn’t blame McGregor for being reluctant to take the bout.