‘RIGGED’ – Fight fans not convinced by Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley result

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Some fight fans are convinced that Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley was rigged after the former UFC champion appeared to fight with the handbrake on.

Paul and Woodley took to the ring on Sunday night, with the YouTuber-cum-boxer coming out on top in a split decision victory.

Woodley is a former UFC champion, but was making his professional boxing debut against Paul. It was an underwhelming performance, all told.

There was one moment where it looked as though Woodley had hurt Paul, who fell backwards and was only kept up by the ropes.

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However, Woodley decided against going in for the kill and instead allowed Paul time to recover before applying pressure again.

As a result, some fight fans believe that that the bout was RIGGED.

Because of the circus surrounding the Paul brothers, it’s often hard to differentiate between what’s real and what’s just pantomime.

It is worth noting, though, that Jake Paul and Woodley had a professional boxing match, not like Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather, which was an exhibition.

It seems unlikely that there was any rigging going on behind the scenes. Woodley is old and out of practice, that’d probably explain his lack of killer instinct.

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