Jake Paul compared to Muhammad Ali by WBC president

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WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman has appeared to compare YouTuber-cum-boxer Jake Paul… to Muhammad Ali.

Paul has made a splash in the boxing world, whether you like him or not, and will look to continue his meteoric rise when he goes toe-to-toe with Anderson Silva this Saturday.

Granted, Silva is yet another ‘non-boxer’ that Paul will be sharing the ring with, but he’s one of the best fighters that combat sports as a whole has ever seen.

Boxing fans are always looking for an excuse to discredit Paul, oftentimes through insecurity, but WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman has offered some insight into why that might be.

Jake Paul (left) is fighting MMA legend (Anderson Silva) in a boxing match this Saturday night

Is that the case, then? Is Jake Paul the second coming of the great Muhammad Ali? You’d think it unlikely, but it’s hard to know at which point this circus will come to an end.

Could Paul ACTUALLY rise to the very summit of boxing and be regarded as one of the finest the sport has ever seen? Could he triumph all and write his name in the history books.

We’re not convinced, but the boy is fearless and has never put any limits on himself, in this domain or any other. Paul can go as far as he wants to go – and can take a HUGE step forward on Saturday.