Jake Paul opens up on boxing leaving him with slurred speech and memory loss

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Jake Paul has revealed that he is suffering from both slurred speech and MEMORY LOSS as a result of repeated blows to the head.

Paul made the plunge into professional boxing on the undercard of KSI vs Logan Paul’s first fight, defeating Deji via TKO.

The American evidently caught the boxing bug, having gone on to turn pro and is now 4-0 in his career to date. His next bout will be his second against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley on Saturday night.

Those who criticise Paul (for whatever reason) ought to recognise the sacrifices he has made in order to get to this point, not only in terms of time and money but also in his own health.

Paul told Graham Bensinger: “I got my brain scanned right before I started boxing and the doctor told me there’s lack of blood flow from the concussions I had playing football to certain areas on my brain.”

“One of them I believe is the frontal lobe which is partial for memory and so on. After my first year of boxing, I went back and it was worse.”

Jake Paul has opened up on how boxing has adversely effected his health

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“[The doctors] advice is don’t do that sport. That’s all they can advise as a doctor, I think before it was affecting me at a rapid pace because I never took it easy.”

“I was always thrown in there with people who were way better than me until I started to slowly get to their level.”

The long-term adverse health effects that can be caused by the repeated blows to the head suffered in boxing are not frequently spoken about, but they really ought to be.

Fighters are not only risking their health in the here and now, but they also step into the ring knowing that they could pay the price long into their retirement.

Paul, and every other fighter, deserves support on that front, rather than the barrage of criticism they often attract.

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