(Video) Has Jake Paul accidentally revealed his fights are RIGGED?

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Has Jake Paul just let the cat out of the bag in regards to his upcoming fight against Hasim Rahman Jr?

There has been plenty of suspicion surrounding Jake Paul’s previous boxing fights, with his critics across the boxing world suggesting that there is an element of scripting in play.

Those allegations are completely unfounded, of course, and there is nothing to suggest that any sort of ‘no knockout’ clause has ever been included in a Jake Paul fight agreement.

However, a slip of the tongue during an appearance on ESPN has once again intensified suggestions that Paul’s bouts are rigged and his upcoming bout with Rahman Jr will also fall into that category.

Jake Paul set to move UP to career-heaviest weight for Hasim Rahman Jr  fight as rules are revealed
Has Jake Paul (pictured) accidentally revealed that his fights are rigged?

Paul was discussing how much of a risk he is taking by agreeing to fight Rahman Jr, with his brother, Logan, having expressed his reservations over this being the right route post-Tommy Fury.

What Paul probably didn’t mean to reveal was that his brother was concerned about the possibility of Jake being “accidentally” knocked out during the fight.

Have a look at the video below – is something untoward happening here?

Pictures courtesy of ESPN

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