Jake Paul accused of RIGGING Tyron Woodley knockout with secret hand signals

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Some fight fans are convinced that Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley II was rigged, with the YouTuber delivering a secret signal before the knockout.

It’s just getting silly now.

Paul defeated Woodley by split decision in their first fight earlier in the year. In wake of the contest, some accused Paul of including a ‘no knockout’ clause in the fight agreement, which saw Woodley back off after wobbling him in the fourth round.

Those accusations were, of course, baseless, with any sort of clause being included in contracts completely illegal and would leave Paul at risk of serving serious prison time.

After Paul stepped into the ring with Woodley again and did successfully knock him out, fans are now claiming that it was rigged, with the YouTuber delivering a secret signal in the shape of a sly hand turn before the punch was thrown.

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Those with even a modicum of boxing knowledge will recognise that this is a bread and butter move, with Paul feinting to the body to lure Woodley into dropping his guard to make room for the right hand over the top.

People really will say anything to discredit Jake Paul, but he keeps on winning, and they keep on embarrassing themselves with their reluctance to give him any sort of credit.

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