🚨 Jake Paul clears up Mike Tyson fight rules in angry response to bizarre ‘leaks’

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Jake Paul isn’t happy with some of the rumoured rules for his fight with Mike Tyson that have been floating around.

Paul and Tyson announced they will collide on July 20th at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas much to the shock of fans.

But not much else in known about the clash and this has led to some bizarre claims online regarding the rules.

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In an angry video, Paul has now dismissed Derek Chisora’s suggestion that the pair would wear headgear and even wilder ones like he will tag-team Tyson with his brother Logan.

Taking to Instagram he said:

“Just a quick message to the people who are complaining about the rules of me versus Mike Tyson.”

“Some TikToker user made a video making up all these fake rules like me and Logan tag teaming him, us wearing headgear, all of this bull****. If you believe that you’re a f*****g idiot and you shouldn’t be allowed to vote, you shouldn’t be allowed to drive on the streets and endanger other people.

“I feel for any dumb*** who believes that and I would never let my fans down in a fight like this and wearing headgear? Come on now people.”

Paul’s business partner, Nakisa Bidarian, also made it clear when he said: “Unequivocally there is no headgear for Paul vs Tyson, haters spreading fake news but it won’t stop the 10’s of millions of views.”

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  1. Guy wants to be a pro . So sanction the fight and make it real Tyson is not taking a dive that’s for sure
    He can’t handle the baddest man on the planet .
    If so just fight by WBO WBA rules
    This a sparing event but both will make money seeing Tyson no socks no robe going into the ring will bring back awsome memories of the 80s

    1. Facts. Tyson doesn’t need the money and he’s a warriors so his mentality won’t let him take a dive. I just wish Tyson wasn’t 57 years old bc that will factor a little when fighting a 20 something year old. Paul isn’t a super boxer but he does have more skill than most ppl want to give him

      1. Tyson is only worth 10 million now, he’ll probably make 100 million off this fight… he absolutely needs the money!

        1. Wrong. Does owns one of the most popular marijuana strains in America. He’s literally a legal drug kingpin. A few years ago he might he might have needed money. He doesn’t now

          1. Well said he as coffee shops selling his strain all over the world can’t wait to see iron Mike dishing out pain again

        2. I love how you people pocket watch others , you have no actual knowledge of how much Mike Tyson is worth you just read a number on the internet…oh and Someone who possesses 10 million isn’t in Need of money

      2. It’s IRON MIKE TYSON that kid is not going to be the same after this fight. He better wear that fucking head gear.

      3. I can’t care less about money and bullshitt,I just want the Badest man on the planet to bit that boy so hard he never wants to get back into a ring again.

      4. IDK, I feel like Mike knows what’s coming, because of the decades in the ring, against the best, the champs, real fighters that hurt strong men. Jake is still a puppy in boxer years and I think he’s gonna learn a hard lesson

    2. I’m hoping for real old school and black shoes, shorts and a hole cut out of a white towel…if he comes out like that, it’s gonna be a bad night for fake Paul…

  2. No he really doesn’t. He throws wildly with no skill. He’s a cancer to actual people who have boxed. His “training” video looks like a 12 year old just flailing his arms at a heavy bag. He’s a joke.

  3. This how I see it. Iron Mike Tyson has already won. Because it doesn’t matter if he wins or lose. Stepping in the boxing ring at 58 year old against someone that 30 years younger then him takes guts. Mike has nothing to prove. Ge a legend. Will always be a legend. Jake Paul has already lose no matter if he wins or lose. Because he only challenges retired boxers or easy opponents. He will never challenge someone who is around his age and can box. All he is a sideshow.

    1. Straight facts my dude. He wants to be a boxer but he will not challenge anybody that’s a real boxer it’s almost easy to get in there and beat people twice your age who has been removed from the game for years. Until he steps in the ring and beat some bonafide boxers his age he is trash riding on the coattails of former boxers

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