Former Kilkenny Legend Baffled by Brian Cody’s Decision

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The former Kilkenny hurler Jackie Tyrrell was speaking on the RTE GAA podcast and can’t understand why Kilkenny manager brought Pádraig Walsh on in the 67th minute.

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“Pádraig Walsh came on in the 67th minute. I actually thought he was injured cause he wasn’t on. I like ‘Brian is after dropping him.’ Because the pressure was coming on in the second half, I said we’re going to see Pádraig. He must have been injured, he must have done something in the warm-up. Next thing, 67th minute, I look up and Pádraig’s coming on. I was like, what’s that all about? It was so, so strange,”

“Walter (Walter Walsh) and Padraig (Walsh) are so pivotal on the half-forward line and they’re not really firing for us at the minute so we’re probably going into the Leinster final having never been so uncertain of where we are, our best team, of what our midfield looks like.

“Like midfield and half-forward line is like a revolving door with lads coming in and out.” he added.

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