Both Davy Fitzgerald & Jackie Tyrrell Had An Interesting Take on Aaron Gillane’s Swipe

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The former Clare goalkeeper Davy Fitzgerald was on The Sunday Game last night with former Kilkenny legend Jackie Tyrrell and both pundits believe that the referee made the right call in giving Aaron Gillane a yellow card.

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“I’d agree with [the yellow card],” said Tyrrell.

“I think his intent was on the ball, his eyes were on the ball. He went with two hands, and at the last minute he let go and went with one hand. It looked reckless but when you slow it down, and see a replay, I actually think a yellow card was the right call.”

Fitzgerald added: “Initially, you think ‘Oh my God, he’s in trouble’. When we look at it from behind, one hand goes off the hurley, and even the second hand goes off the hurley. If he’s going to do damage – if he’s really intent – he’s going in with two hands, and trust me, he’s going through, and there won’t be much of a hurley left. I think a yellow definitely was the right call.”

Gillane, who scored 2-5 for Limerick on Sunday, hit 1-1 after being shown the yellow card as his side dominated the final 10 minutes.

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