🚨Byron Ralston coming under heavy fire for his clear-out on Munster’s Jack O’Donoghue 😬

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Connacht overcame Munster on New Year’s Day at the sports ground in Galway, but one of the main talking points was the clear-out from Connacht’s Byron Ralston. But really these new 5G pitches aren’t helping the situation either ..

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Well Well … if World Rugby hadn’t of kept tampering with the rules re: rucks and mauls over d yrs,we would still more forwards at the breakdowns, instead of what you saw tonight, where the 1st or only forward commited is open to be cleaned out by one of more opposing forwards.

Absolute bullshit determination from Busby to mitigate back to yellow. What a bottler. Never a wrap, targets the standing leg, off his feet and from the side. It’s a filthy clean out and Busby bottles calling the red. Simply not good enough for player safety.

But apparently there was a wrap so only a yellow

Note the action of pinning JOD’s foot.


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  1. Yes it should have been red. The real sad part that the offending player did not near JOD and apologise. Maybe the sitting official will rectify the error.

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