🚨Irish fans aren’t happy as camera angle emerges of the Craig Casey & RG Snyman

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Some of the Irish fans weren’t happy with the reaction of some of the Irish players when RG Snyman went straight through on his former team-mate ..

Have a look at the tweet and some of the comments underneath ..

MORE HERE: 🚨Fan footage emerges & fans are all saying the same thing about that last scrum .. 😬

And then they would’ve got sent off 🤷‍♀️
Personally, I don’t think there was anything wrong with the tackle & a penalty wouldn’t have been the right call – & I’m Irish.

All in all I hope Casey Is ok from that wallop on the hard ground.

I find the most amazing thing is that Munster fans will still aways find a way to dog Leinster players even when they are wearing green. A pathetic tweet from a keyboard warrior that would dribble over these lads if he ever met then.

It’s rugby … not tiddlywinks. Hard ground … great tackle. These things happen. The only cheap shot here is you trying to make something of this. Grow a pair

So what should they do? Throw a dig at Snyman (for a perfectly legal hit) and get sent off. For once, just take off the red tinted glasses and accept it was a really unfortunate rugby incident. Things like that happen in a physical game.

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  1. I’m sure there were bigger guys he could have hit, all I will say is thank god Peter o Mahony was after been subbed

  2. Syman is just a money grabber he goes where they pay the highest he has proved that I hope he gets a rough time from Munster players

  3. Not until ‘duty of care’ becomes part of the game can incidents like these be dealt with…in this case there was none shown…he did the same to Ben Healy Munster v Edinburgh….for Leinster he will probably end up being a walking sick note… or temperamentally..too hot to handle…it will be interesting to observe

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