🚨RugbyPass called out for ridiculous degrading of the Irish team .. 😬

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One Irish rugby supporter has set the record straight after ridiculous claims in the media over the past few weeks. If Ireland do manage to win the Six Nations/Grand Slam again this year, it’s an acheivement that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

See what Hugo Gordon had to say on twitter and the comments underneath ..

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The World Cup is important. Of course it is. It’s the pinnacle of the sport and if we ever want to be truly counted among the greats we’ll have to make a mark there. But rugby does not only happen every 4 years. To win a Slam is still a huge achievement.

A fair few people pointing out that it’s Rugby Pass and shouldn’t be taken seriously, which I’d normally agree with but it’s actually a view I see quite a lot elsewhere.

FWIW whilst actually in Tier 2 interest World Cup remains the sport’s showpiece (as only big event that involves and can sell Tier 2 to big audiences). You are obviously right, this World Cup is all narrative is ridiculous and illogical.

As a rugby fan who started getting interested in the 90’s I will never get tired of us winning grand slams. I sometimes feel southern hemisphere teams put a bigger premium on the World Cup because their own annual tournament lacks history and prestige.

Meaningless is a bit far but surely you can admit it doesn’t hold the same weight as the World Cup? You can’t be considered the best team in the world until you win the actual competition that denotes that title….

We’ve had the same thing in the past where because we lost on the final day (in Ireland, as I recall) and we got presented the 6N trophy in a hotel, rather than on the pitch. There’s no getting away from the fact that the competition has been very poor this year though.
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  1. Historically speaking, the winner of the 6 Nations would only ever be good enough to finish 3rd or 4th in the South Hemispheres Rugby Championship. This is why they don’t rate the 6 Nations.

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