🚨Calls for a replay as one of the English try’s ‘clearly’ shouldn’t have been given .. 😬

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What a cracking match that was yesterday at the Twickenham Stadium in West London. England managed to beat Ireland by a signal point at a sold out stadium.

For one of the English try’s though .. did one of their players have his foot in touch .. See it below and the comments to go with it ..

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People previously complained TMO had too much influence, so they are only allowed to intervene if there’s foul play or the incdident was within 3 phases of the score. Can’t have it both ways
As if Ireland didn’t have a few decision go their way in the first half. Matches never come down to one moment. Take it on the chin and move on to the next one
We won the ball from that in as good a position as we would have from any ensuing lineout. To say it came down to that is ridiculous. 2 points up , 2 mins on the clock and in possession and Murray boots the ball back to them is what it came down to. In my opinion…
The ball was out seconds after anyway by England so you’re stretching credulity there mate
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  1. Tries is the plural of try. And why put an apostrophe in. Unlike the game itself, terrible English.

  2. its not the 1st and wont be the last there is loads of things missed in the game. You got 4 men looking at a game they cant see everything that goes on. Have anyone ever known a game to get replayed because someone missed something. The game is done move on to next weekend and enjoy.

  3. Why are you letting illiterate people write clickbait for you?

    Give a source for your claim, willya?

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