🚨Bernard Jackman believes World Rugby are going to have to get rid of one ridiculous law 💯

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There was a great debate on Against the Head last night and former Leinster Irish hooker Bernard Jackman believes there’s a law that will have to be changed in the game.

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There hasn’t been a change in the laws but it’s called the Dupont law because a year-and-a-half ago Antoine Dupont, the French captain, went to the referee before the match.

He explained that on kick-tennis battles, they don’t actually have to retreat, they don’t have to be put onside, as long as they stay static. If the catcher of the ball runs five metres or throws a pass, then they’re onside.

It’s something the lawmakers are going to have to change.

Be interesting what World Rugby will do with this law ..

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  1. A former ref: the discussion about the “Dupont thing” – a former Irish Int. says the ref should not be “coaching” – well what refs try and do is allow a game of rugby to happen, and if we can prevent infringements we do….with our voice… we are not traffic light or speeding cameras that simply watch and penalize – you would have a game of penalties…. we manage games so there is a game and not a series of whistles and stoppages. Again, is this too complicated…. Modern refereeing is very different and I have coached referees and the steepest learning curves are for those ex-players who thought they knew what we were or were not doing… if you are a player who is to become a ref, take the training (two classes) and gain the experience as a ref and not a player who thinks they can referee, because they played a lot.

    1. I think it an advantage to the opinion when the ref telling them . It’s like having 16 players on the field for a couple of seconds

  2. So Bernard Jackman – what Law would you “get rid of?” Just think of that suggestion???? I don’t think that is what he means… Its within 10 m and an opponent that runs 5, (runs) or kicks, but the first part is, in the spirit of the Law, retire to onside….not staying within 10 or retiring to 10 is mostly the problem, but this is a bit complicated to referee and play if you think of it….

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