🚨People weren’t happy with ‘zombie’ being played at full-time at Stade de France 😬

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What a win that was last night for Irish rugby and one of the greatest nights in Irish sport. After the game Zombie from The Cranberries rang out through out Stade de France and wouldn’t you know it, there was a few people that had an issue with this song being use..

See the tweet and some of the comments below;

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Nothing to do with Easter week at all It’s about the dissidents, the Provisional IRA that bombed young innocent children and shot our Gardai and Irish Defence Forces

Maybe it’s a step towards a UI. If all the Irish are proud of their achievements but see that there was major pain suffered in the “struggle” maybe a UI becomes closer Surely the delight in so many Households across the land can only be a positive for a better future.

It was more tribute to the cranberries and dolores o riordan and then became an anthem for Munster. It’s class actually if your in a stadium witnessing it. If the Irish supporters enjoy it then happy days.


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